Memo Regarding Temporary Bus Passes

Memo from the ETSB

September 14, 2020
Re: Temporary Bus Passes

To all parents,
In previous years we have been able to offer temporary bus passes to students for one-time changes to their transportation. However, due to COVID-19 restrictions, it is not possible to accommodate these requests. So unfortunately, no temporary bus passes will be issued during the 2020-2021 school year. We thank you for your understanding during this health crisis.

À tous les parents,
Au cours des années précédentes, nous avons pu offrir des laissez-passer d’autobus temporaires aux étudiants qui demandent une modification de leur transport pour une journée seulement. Cependant, en raison des restrictions COVID-19, il n’est plus possible de répondre à ces demandes. Donc, malheureusement, aucun laissez-passer temporaire d’autobus ne sera émis pendant l’année scolaire 2020-2021. Nous vous remercions de votre compréhension pendant cette crise sanitaire.

August 31st, 2020

School starts August 31st. Please remember:

All students who are are required to wear a face covering must provide their own:
K4 to Age 9: suggested to have a mask
Age 10 and over: mandatory to have a mask

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Transportation Information Available

Transportation info in now available. Please read the instructions carefully. You will need your child’s Student id number. An email was sent to all parents regarding how to get the information.

Here is the link to the Parent Portal: If you have never used the parent portal, please create your account as lots of important information will get sent to your email from the school and the school board.

Go to the Resources Tab, click on School Board, click on Bus information. Please make sure to enter the student id number 115352 and your postal code.

Please print this out as this will serve as your child’s bus pass.

Message to M.E.S. Families

School attendance:

  • We want to stress the importance of informing us if your child(ren) will be attending school. If you have previously indicated that your child will not be attending and you change your mind and decide to send your child to school, we absolutely need to know, at least one full week in advance. This is to allow us the necessary time to make sure we are able to provide a safe and secure environment to our staff and all of our students.  Please phone the school or email at (                                                 

Should you change your mind and want to stop sending your child(ren) to school, you must notify the school immediately for logistical reasons.


Parents are asked, whenever it is possible, to drive their own child(ren) to school.  For families with shared custody, due to the restrictions for transportation, we can accommodate only one address per student.  For any changes the transportation department will reevaluate routes on Mondays. You must give one week’s notice. (ex. For your child to have transportation on June 1 you must inform us by Monday May 25th.) If you no longer require transportation, it is important to advise the school as spaces are limited.

Evaluations and Student marks:

For elementary school students, their final results will be determined with the results of term 1 and 2.  Your child’s final assessment in term 3 will be indicated as successful, non-successful pr not evaluated. If your child is at risk of not being successful, he/she may be asked to submit some work to demonstrate his/her abilities.  Although attendance at school is not mandatory, online learning is available and we encourage you to support your child to participate in these continued learning opportunities.

Secondary school:

Schools are offering online and at a distance classes. As new content that is a prerequisite for the next year may be presented at this time, we strongly recommend that you encourage your son/daughter to attend/follow the online classes. Not only will this ease their transition into a new grade level or in the case of post-secondary a new school, it will also offer them some socialization and interaction with classmates and teachers.

Evaluation –

For students in Secondary 1 to 3, your child’s final assessment in term 3 will be indicated as successful, non-successful or not evaluated. If your child is at risk of not being successful, he/she may be asked by his/her teacher(s) to submit some work to demonstrate his/her abilities to be successful.

For students in Secondary 4 & 5 evaluation and the final assessment is obtained from the results of term 1 and 2.  In term 3, an indication of successful, non-successful or not evaluated and a final grade will be included in percentage.  If your child is at risk of not being successful, he/she may be asked by their teacher(s) to submit work that demonstrates that he/she has acquired/learnt the required competencies.